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Seamless Growth, Complete Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to fuel your progress without interruption. Our solutions are designed to elevate every aspect of your journey, ensuring a fluid and unobstructed path towards your goals.

Crafting Agility, Flexible by Design

Our solutions are meticulously designed with flexibility at their core, ensuring that they seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs and challenges

Streamline All Demands, Destination for All Needs

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency at our store hub, your dedicated destination for fulfilling a wide spectrum of needs

Solutions that Transform: Empowering Your Path to Excellence

Rack Solutions

Our colocation services are available in the form of full rack colocation with flexible network and electricity options to optimize growth

Secure Cage (Suite)

For companies with extensive demands, our private cage colocation service stands as the optimal solution

Connectivity Interconnection

Enhance your network's strength and expand its reach using offerings from our Interconnection product range

Datahall Store

Ultimate one-stop solution meticulously crafted to meet all your hardware procurement needs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience

Elevating Possibilities: Advanced Facilities for Your Success


Experiences IT Solutions.

Atdy Rosyan Sabtuni

CEO & Founder

An aficionado of both IT and classical pursuits, have delved into diverse business domains over

Tommie Haryanto

VP of Operation

Experienced more than 16 years in IT operations, especially cloud hosting and data center. Played

Muslim (Wim)

Head of Data Center

Bringing a career spanning around 15 years as a Network and System Administrator, Wim possess

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